The Basics

AW technology is Internet-based virtual reality originally developed by Worlds, Inc. It was first unveiled in mid 1995 as a single world called Alpha World. The AW technology changed hands a few times over the years, ending up as ActiveWorlds Corporation. Here's a history of AW by Mauz.

What makes AW technology VR worlds unique is threefold:

  1. Worlds are downloaded and rendered incrementally, you do not have to download the entire world. Thus, a world can be very large.
  2. Online building is supported without the need for a special level editor. Anyone can place the predefined objects supplied by the object path. World owners can customize their own object path and objects.
  3. Collaborative building is fully supported with an automatic mechanism to prevent encroachment between builders.

These three attributes have produced this startling result.

The ActiveWorlds Corporation, currently hosts one of the largest "universes" on the Internet, known simply as AW. They also supply software to other groups who then run their own "universe". More can be learned about AW technology by visiting the ActiveWorlds Corporation .

Here is a short list of a few of the publicly accessible "universes" which use AW technology.

Why have I been putting quotes around the word universe?


I am ScottyDM and am solely responsible for the hosting, the objects, and this web site. Here's how you can contact me.

Important Stuff

Screen shots shown are representative of actual places in AW technology worlds. The full size screen shots have not been modified in any way except for cropping and JPG conversion. Inclusion of a particular screen shot does not imply that Frobozz hosts the world, nor that it supplied any of the objects or textures shown.

All pages and other elements found on this web site are copyright 2002 through 2004 by Scott Miller of Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

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