Want More Than A Simple World?

ActiveWorlds Corporation Offers Three Alternatives

You could get a stand alone world, which ActiveWorlds Corporation must host for you (but you can have your OP hosted anywhere). They call this a Solserver .

If you need a larger stand alone world, or you prefer to purchase the software, then a galaxy server is for you. With a "galaxy" server, the functions of the Uniserver the world server are merged into one. Also, since you have the software you can host your "galaxy" anywhere. For example behind a firewall on a corporate LAN.

Finally, to be able to run your own "universe" you will want your own Uniserver . This is a little expensive, but fortunately, AW Corp. is not charging an additional license fee for the actual world server software (at this time). I suppose the insanely high price on the Uniserver is supposed to cover that (i.e., they assume that a certain number of worlds will be run under your Uniserver and so the Uniserver's price reflects this). As a Uniserver owner, you get to charge others for having worlds in your "universe". My advice? Don't try this as a business. VR is too new to attract enough customers to make a profit while charging reasonable world license or citizenship fees.

One critical issue you should be aware of is that of community. If you are bringing your own group of users, then any one of the above solutions can work very well. Particularly if you wish to restrict access to your VR world(s). However, if you want to pull users from the general Internet population, be aware that building a community is incredibly difficult — particularly in light of the fact that AW technology presents each Solserver, galaxy server, and Uniserver as seperate and disconnected from the rest. Your user base must download and install a browser that is unique to your world(s).

If you wish to create a world, or cluster of worlds, that are based on a particular concept. And you wish to create a community from the general Internet population. Then you would do well to strongly consider putting your world(s) in one of the existing "universes".