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What Do You Need To Host Your Own World?

First, you'll need to decide which "universe" you want your world to run in. The Uniserver authenticates the world (controlling size and visitor limits), it authenticates visitors and presents a list of worlds to the visitors, and it handles certain forms of communications between visitors (telegrams & the contact list). If the world server cannot see the Uniserver, the world server cannot start. And if the Uniserver cannot see the world server, visitors cannot enter your world.

Second, you will need a world server running and connected to the Internet, and you'll need a world license from the owner of the Uniserver (obviously you'll need a name for your world and decide on its size and how many possible visitors you want to enable). When you get a world license, the Uniserver owner will issue your world a password. The world service handles chat between visitors (including whispers and gestures), keeps a database of what has been built, and holds global data (such as user rights, global objects & settings, and points to the object path).

Third, you'll need an object path (sometimes called an OP), and if you want custom objects, you'll need FTP upload access to the OP server. An object path server is nothing more than a web server. Any web server will do the job. However, an OP does not use HTML files, so some web hosting providers may not understand what you are doing (you may need to educate them). Also, an OP tends to be large, the smallest I've seen was 11 MB, but 70 MB and up is typical (the biggest I've seen was close to 1000 MB). An OP tends to use a lot of bandwidth as well. Unless your world is starkly barren, each visitor will need 100 to 500 files just to view your GZ (the entry portal), and many more than that if they do some exploring. If you do not need custom objects, you can simply use one of the OPs that are provided by most Uniserver owners.

Finally, of course you'll need access to the Internet to be able to enjoy all of this...

Alternatives; rather not run a world under someone else's Uniserver? There are other choices , if you're willing to spend enough money.

What Can You Expect If Frobozz Hosts Your World?

First, I have the proper hardware, the right connection, a full range of software and services, and the experience to run it all. You can learn the details here.

Second, I offer rather attractive pricing: I am just an individual running this out of my house. I care about and strive for reliability, but without throwing a lot more money at this, and hiring a staff, getting reliability above 99.9% uptime is largely a matter of luck. Thus, my prices are below those of other professional hosting services.

Learn more about world hosting and what it will cost.

Learn more about object path hosting and what it will cost.

Learn more about e-mail hosting and what it will cost.

Third, flexible and personalized service: I know VR, and AW technology in particular. I will not hassle you about running a "non conventional" website, or shut you down without notice.

Fourth, I hope you'll find the Frobozz terms of service and acceptable use policy and privacy policy agreeable.

Finally, you get the unvarnished truth in The New Zork Times . All the system status and announcements that are fit to print. Downtime, uptime, reboots, new software & services, and configuration changes.

Resources For World Owners And World Builders

Get the most out of the remote administration tool & FTP service, manage your object path, what's in the avatars.dat file, three types of browser performance and how to maximize them, and other issues. These resources can help.

Can You Do Your Own Hosting?

The short answer is: Of course! It is not difficult, but depending on your needs it might get expensive.

The long answer is found here: Learn to host your own world and object path .

Naturally, I hope you'll choose to host your world and object path with The Frobozz Magic Hosting Company. I feel that if you understand what is involved, you'll be able to make a better decision.