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Resources For World Owners And World Builders:

    Suggestions on getting the most out of the remote administration tool . Learn to: Add and delete worlds. Backup and restore your dump files. Swap builds, even whole world themes on the fly. Move your world between servers. And the secrets of the admin.ini file.

    An object path has a few simple requirements. It is just a web site, but it does have a specific structure. Also learn about object path issues specific to The Frobozz Magic Hosting Company — Multiple object paths, controlling FTP access of your helper accounts, mixing html in the object path, enabling directory listing, and multiple home pages for multiple worlds.

    What about the avatars.dat file?

    FTP issues : Limitations of the protocol, weird historical stuff, cool things that can be done with modern FTP clients, changing your password remotely, and a few things specific to The Frobozz Magic Hosting Company.

    Performance tuning . Minimize download times, maximize frame rate, and avoid periodic browser freezing. You can have a rich and beautiful world, but you'll need to understand these three areas of performance and how they interrelate. Then you'll need to think about these issues as you select (or create) objects and textures for your world and build your object path.

    Buying a new PC or upgrading ? If money is no object, just get the best. What if you're on a very tight budget? I've got some suggestions on what to concentrate on to maximize AW browser performance for the least amount of money.

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