Terms Of Service & Acceptable Use Policy

Please read and understand all sections of this document before you buy hosting services from the Frobozz Magic Hosting Company. If you don't think some of this applies to you, we'll both end up unhappy.

1. Privacy And Security

Your world, your files. I will take reasonable precautions to prevent data loss or access by people you do not authorize. I will not be accessing your world or files without your invitation except under the following circumstances:

  1. That which you make public. Such as having your world open to the public, or publicly avaliable portions of your website. See section 5, below, for a definition of publicly available.
  2. Technical necessity. For example to investigate a file mirroring issue, or a reported virus or worm in your files (to name but a few possibilities). Note; I regularly run automated tools, which "crawl" the file system, or monitor network traffic. These tools exist to keep my servers and network running smoothly, they do not monitor chat or e-mail content, other than to ferret out viruses, worms, spam, etc.
  3. To investigate any violation of this Terms Of Service & Acceptible Use Policy, but only when there is reasonable evidence of a violation.
  4. To comply with legal authorities, as in section 3, below.

In the normal course of business, I keep logs of certain activites on my servers and network. I normally do not keep logs past 3 months. Also note that world server logs typically do not last much past a week (due to limitations of the world server software).

2. Follow The Law

You will not promote nor use the resources I provide to engage in any activity that would be deemed illegal by any authority that might reasonably claim to have jurisdiction over your world or website hosted on my servers. Minimally this would be the authorities in your location and in mine (I'm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA). In the USA, this includes not only things like hate crimes and child pornography, but also copyright law (to name but only a very few).

3. Response To Legal Demands

When presented with the proper legal documentation, I will comply with the legal authorities. In the case of civil action, I may have time to contact you before I'm required to comply. You may wish to make sure I have current contact information for you.

4. Hacking

You must not attempt to crack or hack any machines on my network, nor use resources on my network to attempt to crack or hack others.

5. Website Limitations (The OP)

Please do not make anything publicly available on your website that would get my server's IP address added to the "junk list" of web filtering services such as Net Nanny (or others of course). For example, most art by Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell is probably ok, but some may not be. Of course you can get your website on the list by what you say as well as what you show. Publicly available means there is a link to the file somewhere on the Internet that is accessible via a standard web browser and that there is no account/password control on that file. Also, I consider your root URL public, even if it is not advertised anywhere. A good test is that if a web-spider can find and index your file then it is a public file (don't count on "robots.txt" keeping the web-spiders out of your secret files).

6. World Content Limitations

Usually the "universe" owner will have some rules on this subject. Fortunately the "Net Nannies" of the Web do not scan and rank worlds for content. Therefore the only limitation I would add is that a world must not themed or constructed in such a way as to promote or encourage illegal activity. See section 2, above.

7. Behavior In Your World

While in your world, you and your visitors should not engage in, promote, or encourage illegal activity. For example, some activities that are perfectly legal for two adults to engage in are not legal if one of the participants is under-age. And in the USA and Colorado, the penalties can be quite harsh. For your own protection, if you run an adult themed world, see to it that all your visitors are actually adults.

If you're world is themed for children, particularly for children under 13 years old, there are special federal (USA) laws that apply to the Internet. You should take every reasonable precaution to keep your young guests safe.

Finally, some forms of role-playing can seem quite harsh to outsiders, but a game is a game as long as all participants agree it is a game. However, when games cross over into controlling someone through fear, intimidation, and threats, then they have gone too far. As world owner you can leave yourself open to civil penalties, and this could possibly affect me as well. Please be certain that your games stay friendly.

8. Spam, UCE, and UBE

Unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE), both commonly known as spam, will not be tolerated on my network. You may not use any machine on my network to send or relay UCE/UBE. You may not use UCE/UBE to advertise any website or world hosted my network. There are proper ways to create and maintain a newsletter or other mass e-mailing. I am not opposed mass e-mailings, but only if they are done properly. If you are thinking of such activity, and you're not sure, ask first.

In Conclusion

My responsibility is to all my customers, the user community as a whole, and to myself. I want to give you, my customer, as much freedom and self determination as possible. Please do not abuse these Terms & Policies.

Important note; this is a little rough, but it pretty much says all the things I want to say. Subject to change after legal review.