Links Page: The Friends Of Frobozz

Some Of My Other Websites

Of course I have a VR world. I call it SkunkWks . SkunkWks turned six years old on March 28th, 2006 and is in its seventh year. Besides having a fair number of pages detailing the creation of SkunkWks and its objects, I keep my stories on the site.

On May 10th of 2006 I launched a new website called Anthrofiction Network . It is a place, "For writers and the readers who love them." Anthrofiction uses anthropomorphic characters in at least one important role, and good anthrofiction is about the characters.

I have a personal web site called ScottyDM . There is not a whole lot there at the moment. So many projects, so little time.

I have a few other sites, but they are still under development.

Family Websites

My wife Arlene has a web site she calls Aspen Glory . She has several sub-domain sites under which you can link to via the main web site.

Our daughter Tiffany also has a cluster of web sites under the domain name Dead Raccoon . Most notably, she has started a t-shirt business under the name Dead Raccoon Enterprises . She also has some of her artwork published at Yerf :: Tiffany Miller .

Web Sites I've Designed for Others

I designed a site for Perry Davis, a sculptor and a gemologist. He creates sculptures from gemstone materials and calls his site Gemstone Sculpture. He’s done some amazing work and the site contains many stunning photographs. You should go and see it.

Other Links About: AW, VR, Graphics, Etc.

Mauz, AW citizen #70079, has created a fantastic resource of information and help pages she calls Mauz's Active Worlds Pages .