The Tutorials Web Page

Historic note; The below text was copied from the original Frobozz Objects Company web page dated 17-Feb-01. I've reproduced it here so I don't forget. I do have a rough draft of Background Concepts done. And yes, terrain was possible back in 2000.

Everything you need to know to create objects is based on simple principles. I will try to present the information in such a way so that you'll understand it, even if you don't have the necessary math skills to balance a check book. Everything in VR runs on mathematics, but we'll let the computer handle the deails. Object creation is a visual medium, I will present the information in a visual way.

Background Concepts


  The Cartesian coordinate system and working with two coordinate systems at once.

RenderWare Scripts (RWX)

Basic RenderWare, File Structure

  The structure of the RWX script file.

Basic RenderWare, Geometry

  How the geometry of an object is defined.

Basic RenderWare, Textures

  How textures are applied to the geometry.

Object Properties In RenderWare

  Paint with light and shadow, wire frames, transparency, solidity.

Creating Complex Objects

  How to use protos, clumps, and transforms. Keeping your objects running fast and smooth.

A RenderWare Scripting Reference

  Pulling it all together in one place.


Creating Custom Textures

  How to use Paint Shop Pro or Corel Paint to create and modify textures, how to make a seamless texture from a not so seamless picture, and parametric texture generation.

Object Design, Building Set Design

Object Design, Drafting Techniques

  How to get the pieces of an object to fit with each other, how to design building sets, and how to design objects with realistic proportions.

Handmade Objects

Tool Flow For Handmade Objects

  How to put it all together. From a paper drawing or a CAD file, to spread sheet, to advanced text editor, to RenderWare viewing tools.

Make Your Objects Efficient

  How to get the maximum use from each vertex and polygon, plus advanced texture mapping concepts.

Special Objects: Grounds, Terrains, & Skys

The Ground Object

  You will be surprised what is possible.

Basic Terrain Generation

  Cover your world with a complex 3D "canvas" on which to build using Andras Sarkozy's program DEM2RWX.

Using Leveller

  How to generate the raw heightfield data to get the exact terrain you desire. Plus other uses for Leveller.

Advanced Leveller

  Layer terrain objects to create overhangs and caves. More heightfield generation and editing techniques.