A Short List Of A Few Public "Universes"

Name (Nickname)
3DEE 6 v3.6
3DEE a Dutch "universe", but they also have a website in English . It seemed pretty active at the time of my visit. Note that downloading the browser from the English page will get you v3.6 b555. Verified 19-Mar-2005
3DNetz 53 v3.6
3Dnetz is a German language "universe" and the first public German language "uni". They had a big jump in version numbers a few months ago, so if you cannot connect with your old browser installation, so download a fresh copy. Verified 20-Mar-2005
ActiveWorlds (AW) 725 v3.6
AW is the mother lode of this technology. They have a software beta program for the adventurous. Citizenship cost is among the highest, world license fees among the lowest, and tight restrictions on tourists. Verified 19-Mar-2005
AW-Europe 62 v3.6
AW-Europe "official distributor of Activeworlds technology in Europe." Verified 19-Mar-2005
Castles 1 v3.6
Castles by Belladora is a "Galaxy" (note 4). Belladora is an artist and poet. Besides the castle theme, she showcases her works here. Verified 19-Mar-2005
Cybernet Worlds (CNW) 37 v3.4
Just a nice, independent little "uni". Verified 19-Mar-2005
Dreamland Park (DLP) 85 v3.6
Anne and Thundercloud are the owners and can be found in DLP nearly every day. Verified 19-Mar-2005
Elim Estates (EE) 2 v3.6
Elim Estates is a Christian, 3D virtual reality "universe", owned by Keith Bliss. Although it is a "Galaxy" server (note 4), it has two worlds. Verified 19-Mar-2005
Galaxy Worlds Universe (GWU) 7 v3 beta
A little quieter than other "unis", the older software means GWU has a lower cost structure and is good for those on a strict budget. Verified 19-Mar-2005
Le Village 3D 11 v3.0
Le Village 3D is a French language "universe". They changed their uniserver hosting a few months ago, so if you cannot connect with your old browser installation, so download a fresh copy. Verified 20-Mar-2005
Newfoundland 1 v3.3
Newfoundland is a "galaxy" (note 4). Jetta Lewis is owner. Citizenship is free. The new theme and name is Virtual Railroad. Verified 19-Mar-2005
OuterWorlds (OW) 111 v3.6
OuterWorlds is one of the oldest independent "unis" around. It's a pretty active place. Verified 19-Mar-2005
Peace City 1 v3.4
Peace City is a "galaxy" (note 4). Verified 19-Mar-2005
Phoenix World This is a dead URL 1 v3.4
Phoenix World is a "galaxy" (note 4). I have no idea what happened to the web site. The galaxy is still running but the object path has been set to ActiveWorld's default OP (with several missing/incompatable models). Verified 20-Mar-2005
Russian Universe 3 v3.6
Only three worlds, but very active, fairly large worlds, and Xenvard is quite beautiful. At 7s 5e in Deep Town there is a sign detailing how to enable the Cyrillic alphabet for your PC. Verified 21-Mar-05
SpiralMatrix 51 v3.4
Another independent "uni", but with a very aggressive price structure. Their web site is acting flaky and the One-Click Install ™ web pages only seem to work with IE. Verified 07-Dec-04


  1. World count was at time of publication, actual number of licensed worlds is typically higher as often there are a few that are off line.
  2. Revision is for a compatible combination of uniserver, world server and browser (typically it will be the browser revision if these are out of sync). "b" number is the build number of the browser. Uniserver software is really expensive and upgrades are really expensive, this is why some people are still running old versions.
  3. Currently there is no easy way to travel from one "universe" to another without downloading and installing a separate browser for each. Technically, the only difference (as long as the build levels are identical) is the aworld.ini file the telegram & teleport files, the splash screen & icon files, and the data stored in the cache folder. It is possible to set up a series of batch files to swap these files and folders around, and share a single installation of the browser. However, it is not practical. Not all "universes" upgrade their software on the same day, and they can and do push browser updates down to the client. Also, if the batch files do not work flawlessly, you can end up with a bunch of corrupted data files.
  4. A "galaxy" (or galaxy server) is a stand alone world. Like a world server, it contains the build database and handles chat, but it does not need to run under a "universe" server. Like a "universe" server, you can issue citizenships, and users authenticate with it, but you cannot run worlds under it.

Help Me

Do you know of another publicly accessible AW "universe"? Then tell me about it. The following criteria apply:

  1. It must use software from ActiveWorlds Corporation.
  2. The uniserver must be accessible from the Internet and the owner/administrator must at least try to keep it running 24/7.
  3. The public must be welcomed there. Although it is permissible if citizenship and world ownership is restricted somehow (e.g. the now defunct "universe" Cinci had citizenship restricted to residents of Cincinnati, Ohio). However, citizenship and tourists must not both be restricted and the browser package must be freely downloadable.

That's it, let me know of your favorite places.