Why Quotes Around The Word Universe?

What makes this joke funny?

This question was seen on a physics test:
      "Part A; Define universe."
      "Part B; Give two examples."

Back in the very early days of AW, when there was only one metaserver that all the world servers connected to. The name uniserver and calling the collection of worlds running under the uniserver a universe made perfect sense. Now that there are dozens, or even hundreds of uniservers, using the term "universe" has become a joke.

Because ActiveWorlds Corp. already has a product called a galaxy server (also poorly named, it is a single world that can run standalone, without logging in with a uniserver), that wonderfully logical name is taken.

Another equally wonderful name exists however; metaserver. Which means a server for servers. Since one of its major jobs is for the world servers to log into it, so they can appear on the worlds list and also to get their licensed configuration, this name is just about perfect.

Is any of this important? Of course not, but I cannot quite get myself to type "universes" (plural), without putting quotes around it. Or even "universe" (singular) when it refers to one of a group.